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Semak Vitacrush VCE1500
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Semak Vitacrush VCE1500

Price: $790.00

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Semak is Australia’s leading blender manufacturer specialising in domestic and commercial blenders. This proud history of design excellence continues with the addition of the Semak Vitacrush, a high powered and high performance blender for the home and professional.

Semak Vitacrush maintains the living food properties and the maximum whole nutritional value of raw food. The six blade cutting is quick and makes crushing ice and powderising condiments simple.

Large 1.85 Litre Polycarbonate Container with ingredient adding lid and plunger
Universal Blades come standard. However you have the option of replacing these with Dry Blades. Universal Blades are generally used for smoothies and ice where as the Dry Blades are better suited for milling grains. Please specify your preference below.
Bright LCD Screen
Fully Automated Timer, Microprocessor Variable Speed Control
Electronic Programs, Operation and Pulse
Metal to Metal Drive 
Powerful Commercial 1500 Watt Motor
Replaceable Cutting Unit
24 Months Warranty
Dimensions: 27cm x 24cm x 51.5cm
Colour: Available in Black only
Sound cover available. Please specify requirements below.


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ALL of our blenders chop, grind, crush ice, make hot soups, nut butters, mill, puree and a whole lot more.

What ever your needs, we have something for everyone!

Whether you are a health enthusiast or “raw foodie” and new to the idea of investing in a “power blender”, above all, there are certain factors to consider:

1. How often do you plan to use your blender?

2. The difference in features. What will you be blending and for what purpose E.g. smoothies, grains, ice, homemade ice-cream?

3. Lifespan for your blender and terms of warranty.

4. Does price outweigh the other factors - are you willing to pay more and pay once; or somewhere in the middle?

All these things considered, standard blenders just don’t "cut it".