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Magnesium Life Magnesium Oil 250ml
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Magnesium Life Magnesium Oil 250ml

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Who needs Magnesium?   

According to Dr Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D. in her book "The Miracle of Magnesium" ... practically everyone.
Particularly those with muscle/joint pain, migraine, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, those with arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, restless legs syndrome, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, heart disease, PMS, kidney stones, gout, insomnia, those who take calcium without magnesium, and those who exercise, particularly athletes.

Why Magnesium?

"Topical Magnesium Chloride immediately relieves muscle pain, activates cell energy (ATP) thus rejuvenating the body. Magnesium Chloride applied to the skin assists in cleaning the cells of excess acids, toxins & heavy metals; plus it helps to assimilate excess calcium which is often the cause of many diseases including heart disease, arthritis & osteoporosis. Our bodies do not produce m agnesium, and it has all but gone from the soils and food chain." says Dr Mark Sircus.


Medical Video: Balancing Calcium and Magnesium in Your Body. Calcium causes contraction and magnesium relaxation.  Watch the video to learn how.



What does Magnesium Chloride (transdermally applied) do that oral magnesium tablets/powders cannot do? Many Things:

* Magnesium Chloride quickly passes through the skin & works immediately to reduce body pain & raise magnesium levels 12 times faster than oral supplementation, by-passing the digestive process completely.
* It increases crucial ATP or cellular energy to assist in the transporting out of the body the CAUSE of the pain- usually toxins, acids, excess calcium and heavy metals.
* It "de-stresses" as it soothes the nervous system and triggers DHEA, the master or youth hormone which controls all of the other hormones in our body.
* Over 3300mg of elemental magnesium is in each 30ml rubbed into the skin - and in a few minutes, it's in there working to balance the entire body at a cellular level. This amount of magnesium cannot be tolerated by the digestive system with oral magnesium
* Magnesium Chloride oil, transdermally applied, can rapidly improve your health, energy and state of well  


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Direct Skin Application

Spraying/rubbing magnesium chloride oil/gel full strength directly on the skin is the most efficient and economical application, and also offers the most benefits to the user.  In the beginning, avoid the face and sensitive areas and dilute the oil 50/50 with water for the first few days until your body becomes adjusted to this higher magnesium level. 
After your shower give yourself a very liberal coating of the magnesium oil/gel  You can then choose to leave it on or after 30 minutes (when the magnesium has been absorbed) if you find the residue a little beachy on the skin, you can rinse with water or wipe it off with a moist washcloth.  

Tip! Substitutes for deodorant with continued use as magnesium chloride deodorises the entire body.

Foot Soak 

Adding magnesium oil or flakes to a warm foot soak is  beneficial for assisting detox.  Use just enough water to cover the toes  - about 50ml of oil or 80mg flakes is a good start.  Keep the mix, re-heat and use for up to 2 - 3 applications adding 1 tablespoon of oil or flakes each time

Relaxation Bath

Adding 150ml oil or 250mg flakes to a hot bath is a luxury we all deserve.  Just add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil and enjoy. We recommend the Ocean Minerals which is also available in the large 3.8 Lt. (128 oz) size or new gorgeous Ancient Minerals Bath Flakes.

But It Tingles!!

The TINGLE factor only applies to direct body spraying, and yes, we know for some it can be a tad uncomfortable for a few minutes for the first few times you use it.   And, like all things, it is something your body will become accustomed to and it will disappear in a few days as your magnesium level rises.  Of course, it really depends on how sensitive your skin is. 
If you know that you have sensitive skin, test spray on a small section of skin first.  If the tingle is more a lasting sting (more than 5 mins) you may need to dilute 50/50 with water when spraying/massaging onto your body.  Any initial tingling ceases when magnesium levels rise, even when applied neat.


Taking Magnesium Orally

Oral magnesium supplements are so slow to raise crucial magnesium levels.

The signs of magnesium deficiency are many. Restless legs, cramps, muscle spasms, aching muscles, lack of energy, migraines, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety are just a few as described by Dr Carolyn Dean in her ground breaking book "The Miracle of Magnesium".

MagnesiumLife offers the purest, most effective magnesium chloride "oil" spray/rub-on, ( it may feel like an oil but it is supersaturated sea water) to boost everyones health, fitness and wellbeing...and FAST. In fact - 12 times faster and more effectively according to studies by Dr Norm Shealy

"Transdermal Magnesium Therapy offers a stunning breakthrough in medicine, an entirely new way to supplement magnesium that naturally increases DHEA levels, boosts cellular magnesium levels quickly, relieves pain & brings down blood pressure. Magnesium chloride oil, delivered transdermally, brings a quick release from a broad range of conditions. Magnesium chloride is one of the best kept secrets, not only in natural medicine, but in the world of allopathic medicine where it is used in emergency rooms to save lives" Dr Mark Sircus.

Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Sara Nadin specialises in Magnesium Chloride Oil which is applied transdermally sprayed on +/or massaged into the skin. Topical application of one of these ultra pure, high strength magnesium chloride is a cornerstone for achieving vibrant health

Ultra pure Magnesium Chloride Oil is sourced from an Ancient seabed in Northern Europe. It has preserved at 1500feet for over 250 million years to its pristine condition, uncontaminated  from pollutants. It is the one that delivers the most potent therapeutic benefits" - Daniel Reid , Byron Bay - best selling author of many natural health books including The Tao of Detox - and leading expert on eastern medicine.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications?

Those people with severe renal (kidney) insufficiency (failure) or very low bloody pressure should seek advice from their health care professional first. Otherwise it is completely safe and one cannot overdose.

Can I use it more than once per day?

Certainly. For example, you can take a few body sprays in the A.M., and when you get home in the P.M. you can take a magnesium foot soak. And, if you are not feeling to par, using it more than 1x per day is encouraged.

What is the benefit over oral magnesium?

Magnesium supplements taken orally are often poorly absorbed and when taken at larger doses may cause diarrhea. Transdermally applied to the skin bypasses the digestive system completely and raises level effectively.

Can I use magesium oil as a massage oil?

Absolutely. In fact, the use of magnesium oil in massages melts away those knots and spasms mcuh more efficiently than massage alone, not to mention increasing the absorption of the magnesium as discussed before. If you see a professional for your massage, take some to them and let them work their magic.

Will I experience any detox symtoms?

You may initially, but this is quite normal as it is a sign that your body is elimination unwanted toxins. Using a foot soak or bath in the first 4 weeks is recommended as it helps this detox process and at the same time absorbing the magnesium.

Why haven't I heard about the benefits of Transdermally applied Magnesium Chloride before?

A good question for your health care professional. Its more common overseas and several quality books by medical doctors have set out the many health benefits as they have experiences it as a miracle mineral. Many people cannot take magnesium orally in the amounts required to re-balance the bodys requirements. The kin is our largest organ and applying it topically bypasses the sensitive digestion passages allowing larger doses to be safely, more easily and quickly absorbed.

Is it drying on the skin?

A little initially, so we recommend moisturising after. With continued use you may soon see and feel healthier new skin.